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Egypt Travel Tips is the final guidance to ensuring that all visitors to Egypt have the finest vacation possible.

The primary objective of this article is to supply every traveler with all the details and information about Egypt’s best tips.

Egypt Travel Tips

This essay was created by a group of tour operators, tour groups, and travel professionals with more than two decades of collective experience in the Egyptian tourism industry.

Travel Tips in Egypt would make your vacation much simpler and more enjoyable because you will have all the time in the world to relish all of Egypt’s cultural and historical sights.

Egypt has been the place for peace and tranquility, harmony, discovery, and adventure since the term “holiday” was coined.


And be different from me and transfer dollars for a handful of Egyptian pounds (EGP), expecting to spend them all in Egypt because it turned out that this is much more difficult than I anticipated.

One of the helpful Egypt travel tips is that ATMs are very prevalent if you have to exchange currency in Egypt. Only two places required us to pay in cash with Egyptian pounds: King Tut’s Tomb in the Valley of the Kings and the ticket to enter the Giza Great Pyramid. About everywhere accepts credit cards, Egyptian Pounds, or US Dollars. Euros were less prevalent, but they were also accepted in some places.


Most visitors to Egypt must obtain an Egyptian visa. You can get one in 2 directions: online advance or at the Cairo airport once you arrive. If you’re anything like me, you might think, “Oh, I’ll get everything online to save myself the trouble of trying to deal with it in Egypt.”

GET A Guided Tour

I’m one of those who like to start making all of my travel plans and only hire guidance if I’m pressed for time in a city or want to ensure that I gain knowledge of everything essential. But I’ve never been any place where I felt so glad we had a guided tour with us.

Food and Stomach Trouble

Diarrhea occurs if you are in a foreign country and eating ethnic cuisine. To help avoid this, buy bottled water and make sure the seal is intact. Salads, raw vegetables, unpeeled fruit, and undercooked meat should be avoided. Purchase food from street food vendors who do not have access to water. If you want ice cream, make sure it has yet to start to melt and refreeze. If you experience stomach upset, take diarrhea reprieve tablets and drink plenty of filtered water with fresh lime.

Hydration and heat

Egypt gets hot. You’ve arrived in the wilderness! Dehydration, sunburn, and heatstroke are all prevalent in Egypt, particularly in Upper Egypt. Because sweat evaporates, users could be unaware of how dehydrated they are.


Tourists to Egypt are not required to have any vaccinations, only if they come from an infection site. Nevertheless, as a precaution, you need to get or have some vaccinations renewed.

Apart from making sure your tetanus and polio immunizations are up to date, other popular suggestions include typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, and rabies vaccinations. Rabies is a pervasive issue in Egypt, so avoid stray animals like cats, dogs, monkeys, and bats.

Nothing comes for free

Want to photograph a camel at the Pyramids? If the owner notices your gaze, he will most likely demand payment.


You ought to maintain your valuable items with you at all times. Determine whether you feel at ease having left your passport, laptop, or iPad in the hotel suite safe or if you should maintain it on you. If you need to leave something in your space and there is no safe, a Pac Safe is a good choice.

Even though the driver is present, never leave any of it helpful on a tour bus.

Make sure you get travel insurance, so you’re coated if something terrible happens. It may be challenging to decide what policy to purchase, so I created this simple guide.

Camel Riding

Taking a camel ride and photographing yourself with the pyramids in the background is among the most sought-after tourist memorabilia from a journey to Egypt.

If you’re confident that a camel ride all around pyramids is something you have to do, you could reasonably (and I hope) start considering once you start arriving and see how malnourished and poorly treated the camels as well as horses are.

Egypt is a third-world country with several citizens living in utter despair. As a result, the men who run these camel trips put their family members ahead of their camels. While also those who might have the wrong intentions, I can’t even bring myself to agree with them.


to put it mildly, Egypt’s public restrooms are not the best.

A journey to the toilet may cost you 1 or 2 EGP and provide you with access to a squat or western toilet.

Saturdays and Fridays

Their weekend is on Friday and Saturday, as in most Arab countries. This means that tourist destinations are much busier on such days than the rest of the week.

These days, I highly urge against visiting the Pyramids, Cairo Tower, or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The lines would be excruciating.

What should I stay away from in Egypt?

You should have investigated the country and culture before traveling. You need to investigate what places and entertainment venues to visit and what to prevent unnecessarily. You should have brought ethnically suitable attire. You are not anticipating the weather only before booking your Nile boat trip and not hiring a guided tour for only certain tourist attractions, and going on a trip without a monetary converter app. Prevent bringing up religion or politics in public. You need to tip. Not bargaining for shoppers or taxi cabs, and Not bringing the proper medications.

 In Egypt, which should you go to?

Every visitor can visit Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan, which seem to be home to the Giza Pyramids complex, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, Cairo Citadel, the National Egyptian Museum, the catacombs, the Qaitbay castle, as well as the Karnak temples complex.

What is the best mode of transportation in Egypt?

Domestic flights, Nile River cruises, and private cars set up by your travel agency are the finest ways to travel to Egypt.

What should I know before going to Egypt?

Every visitor must honor all archeological sites, statues and sites by not having to touch, claw, or sit on them because they are the only remnants of Egypt’s ancient tradition. Even though there is no particular dress code in cities, it is recognized that women would feel much more at ease if they encompassed their shoulders and didn’t wear shorts, which is especially important when planning to visit mosques and churches.

Although guesthouses and significant shops in tourist places accept credit cards and foreign currency, smaller stores and eateries are unlikely to do so, particularly as you travel into the tourist places and the wilderness.

Be cautious once paying for souvenirs. Maintain your phone camera on you at all times. Also, always maintain your expert tour and driver when going on a wilderness trip. All through your Nile cruise booking, every time, be aware of the ensa time lock.

Participate in a light and sound show in Luxor and ancient monuments along the Nile. Focus on having fun and returning to Egypt as soon as possible.

Is it acceptable to consume Egyptian tap water?

Drinking tap water is not generally a good idea because it is strongly disinfected and tastes utterly awful; instead, purchase water bottles and avoid purchasing any street food.

Is it worthwhile to take a Nile cruise?

Nile River Cruises is the best and most mystical way of exploring Upper Egypt’s celestial wonders among Luxor and Aswan in its most luxurious service since Victorian times.

Is English widely understood in Egypt?

Although English is the most commonly spoken language in Egypt, most road signs are authored in Arabic and English.

Is Cairo secure?

Cairo is completely safe day and night, with a low crime rate, and every visitor will experience the vacation of a lifetime.

In Egypt, how much should you tip?

Waiters have been called ‘Baksheesh’ in Egypt and are anticipated by locals and foreigners. 5 Egyptian pounds is fine, with a range of 5 to 10 percentage points as a symbol of good manners and regard throughout all amenities.

What should you bring to Egypt?

Each traveler could bring mouthwash and toothbrushes, antiperspirants, suncream, toilet paper, skin care cream, face wipes, a back bag, and luggage locks. Each traveler should bring any required prescription medicine, like anti-diarrheal, Dramamine, Advil, rehydration salts, and a little travel first aid kit. Every time bring all of the digital equipment you could require, like a VPN, Power Bank, Universal Adapter, and any other items you could require.

What are the most important Arabic words to understand before visiting Egypt?

It’d be very beneficial to understand some Arabic words or phrases throughout your Egypt excursions, such as Salaam Alaykum (hello), Ma’s Salaama (goodbye), min fudlak (please) for males and min fadlik for females.

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